Modular Period IV - Seminar 1

Modular Period IV

This is not a War-Movie!
(Daniela Ingruber)


We are used to seeing war movies, looking at war photographs and listening to war news. But we rarely hear anything about peace. Pictures and also language form part of a system full of war-rhetoric. If we want peace media, we have to create them. And this is, what we are going to do in this seminar.

The seminar tries to find ways to work on the media by using peaceful means and tools. It will be comprised of a theoretical introduction, followed by a practical part conducted at the Media Centre in Innsbruck, where we will be creating our own media: videos, radio features, a website…

A small warning: As part of the toughest Peace Studies program in the world this seminar will not have restricted working hours.


The Program reserves the right to changes in schedules.