All through the ages, there is evidence of humankind sharing, adapting and re-imagining narrative through storytelling. It could be argued that there are as many stories as there are people and as many ways to tell a story as there are to share it. Yet some manifest beyond the personal realm and quite literally make history, enable change and shape cultures by becoming treasured tales. What is it about this search for a red thread that shapes our ideas of peace, conflict, societies, togetherness and distinctions? Who are we with our stories and who tells them?

The aim and spark for this seminar is to connect dots and discover more when looking more closely at what shapes our understanding for peace and conflict through fairy tales and legends. We will take the opportunity of the varieties of backgrounds available to us – after all, each one of us brings their own book of stories, legends and tales with them, of the personal and wider societal kind – to discover, share and investigate the role of the fantastical in the common, the novel in the assumed and the well-told in the everyday.  Together, we will explore what it means to (re-)tell and (re-)invent those stories that often shape their places as fabulous transformations in peaces, conflicts and societies across cultures.

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