Terms, Schedule & Courses

Terms, Schedule & Courses

Winter Term 2018/19

Modular Period IV

Aspects of Positive Peaces and Structural Violence
February 04th to February 17th 2019

Seminars held at the Grillhof Seminar Center.

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The Fourth Modular Period offers in-depth seminars on questions of positive peace and structural violence within two weeks. The students choose one of the seminars offered in parallel.

Seminar Date
Seminar 1 Mon 04.02-Fri 08.02

Mon 11.02-Fri 15.02
Communication, Facilitation, Mediation Skills for Peace Makers (Isabelle Duquesne)
Seminar 2 Mon 04.02-Fri 08.02

Mon 11.02-Fri 15.02
Exploring Peace as the Opposite of Violence: Implications for Theory and Social Action (Jenny Pearce)
    19:00 The obligatory Integrative Seminar will be held every Wednesday


The Program reserves the right to changes in schedules.


Topic: Communication, Facilitation, Mediation Skills for Peace Makers
(Facilitator: Isabelle Duquesne)


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The approach of this module is skills-based. Peaceability is viewed like a basket of competences. Theoretical input on peace-making is tested in simulations and exercises. The objective of the seminar is to enhance the capacity of students to embed peace in concrete ways in view of their upcoming professional life. We do so by having a personal project for the entire module, which is worked on in the form of an academic paper and an interactive presentation at the end.

Levels of exploration differ each day, from the individual, family, local area, country to the global dimension. Likewise, psychological, social, historical, political and economic domains are discussed. Foremost, students sharpen their intellectual, emotional and social skills in order to act as peace-makers in challenging situations.

Among the skills are:

  • public communication,
  • event facilitation,
  • conflict resolution,
  • negotiations,
  • mediation,
  • project management,
  • and human resources management at team level.

Topic: Exploring Peace as the Opposite of Violence: Implications for Theory and Social Action
(Facilitator: Jenny Pearce)

What is this seminar about? 

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This seminar will explore the problem of Galtung’s trichotomy between structural violence, cultural violence and direct violence, and his dichotomy between negative and positive peace. It will argue that this approach leaves us selecting aspects (Schinkel, 2010) of violence rather than seeing violence as a phenomenon with its own distinctions.

The seminar will explore this idea of violence as a phenomenon with multiple expressions. It will do so through theoretical discussion and empirical examples. It will lead onto a focus on social action as a form of de-sanctioning violences and ultimately building the conditions to live without violence.

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