Terms, Schedule & Courses

Terms, Schedule & Courses

Summer Term 2021

Modular Period I

Preparatory Seminar
March 22 - June 14, 2021

 Preparatory seminar conducted online.

Coordination: To be announced 

Scott 2

During the online seminar of the first Modular Period students will be familiarized with the program's approach to Peace Studies and will gain methodological tools needed for academic writing.

At the beginning of the module, the students will receive a course outline as well as the guidelines to conclude it successfully. The first Modular Period is divided into sections which last two weeks each. In every section there will be a research question to be answered and a chat will be open for consultations with the Professor. By the end of each section a paper between three and five pages has to be sent punctually to the Professor via Email. Each paper has to follow academic standards and formal structures. Together those papers will comprise a term paper of 25-30 pages. Each term paper will be discussed in the second Modular Period and for this reason the timely completion of the assigned tasks is important. Only students who comply with the deadlines will be admitted into the presence phase (Modules II-V).

Students admitted to the summer term 2021 will be contacted by the course professor at the beginning of the course.

The Program reserves the right to changes in schedules.

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