This seminar will look at structural violence and positive peace using an actor-oriented approach to peacebuilding. It will explore how specific actors make different contributions to peace mediation processes by looking at the roles of:

  • The State
  • Non-state armed actors
  • Civil society
  • Vulnerable and affected groups
  • Private sector


In order to gain a strong grasp of how different conflict and peace actors can contribute to different forms of peacebuilding, the course will use empirical case studies from conflict-affected contexts such as Sri Lanka, South Africa, Myanmar and Colombia to illustrate the complexities surrounding war economies, peace processes and reconciliation processes.


Parallel to the academic discussion on conflict transformation and peacebuilding, the class will encourage the participants to self-reflect on how they as individuals could make contributions to a conflict context. Thus, methodologically, the course will combine academic lectures, interactive debates and discussions with more interpersonal self-reflections, intention setting, daily meditation and action points.


Students will be assessed by an oral presentation on a case study and a 10-page essay.



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