I understand trauma and trauma effects as intensely related to the 'many peaces'. In many different
ways trauma and its effects have various impacts on, for example, relationships, peaceful
moments, affections, organisation processes, but also on communication and the perception of
oneself and others.
The three guiding symptoms of trauma — avoidance, over-excitation (trauma = extreme stress),
inner-psychic re-experience — suggest that lifestyle, decisions and attachment behaviours are
seriously affected if the trauma event is not integrated. Accordingly, these symptoms become antirational
processes, since formative elements can not be rationalised, but may even lead to splitoffs
or dissociation. Therefore, they are contrary to transrational approaches. Trauma
consequences (wether intrapersonal, interpersonal or collective) thus represent a frequently
undiscovered point of crystallisation in conflicts and struggle for peace.
I would like to put the focus of the seminar on the stabilising and resource-oriented approach of
trauma pedagogy that – according to the "concept of self-appropriation" of Wilma Weiß – proceeds
in a multi-methodical way. Conceptually this means for me that in addition to the more cognitive
levels requiring psycho-education based on traumatology and related exercise methods that in
each block, there will be exercises for trauma-sensitive bodywork including deeper levels of
consciousness. Since traumatisation puts a persons system/collectives under extreme stress,
stabilising relaxation-methods for stress reduction, such as trauma-sensitive yoga and traumasensitive
deep muscle relaxation will be part of the seminar in the sense of resilience-training.
A major feature of this seminar is to provide a framework in which it is not about personal trauma
confrontation or exploration, but both about empowerment against secondary traumatisation – the
so-called "trauma exposure through contact with traumatised in the field" – and about a deeper
understanding of the mechanisms of trauma and resilience. Although of course, it is not
questionable that the seminar will be dealing with personal issues such as the inheritance of
feelings and the transgenerational transmission of traumatisation ("biographical luggage") — as for
budding peace workers these are essential aspects considering the observation of deeper layers
behind conflict episodes in elicitive transformation processes.

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