Terms, Schedule & Courses

Terms, Schedule & Courses

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Summer Term 2020

has to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis.  

  • Module I
  • Students who finish Modul I online successfully will be admitted to the presence phase of the Winter Term 2020/21.
  • As far as possible, classes scheduled for the Summer Term will be held in winter. Slight changes may be needed because of the season and availability of professors and facilitators. 

Summer Term 2019

Modular Period IV

Aspects of Positive Peaces and Structural Violence
July 22nd to August 02nd 2019

Seminars held at the Grillhof Seminar Center.

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The Fourth Modular Period offers in-depth seminars on questions of positive peace and structural violence within two weeks. The students choose one of the seminars offered in parallel.

Seminar Date
Seminar 01 Mon 22.07. - Fri 26.07.

Mon 29.07. - Fri 02.08.

Elicitive Conflict Mapping

Josefina Echavarría / University of Innsbruck

Seminar 02 Mon 22.07. - Fri 26.07.

Mon 29.07. - Fri 02.08.

Peace Education

Hilary Cremin / Cambridge University

  Every Wednesday The obligatory Integrative Seminar will be held
every Wednesday at 19:00


The Program reserves the right to changes in schedules.


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