Integration – Celebration – Transition

What is the „red thread“ of your personal learning experience throughout this summer term?
We will collect „the many peaces“ of your own journey in the past months.
What challenges have you encountered? How did you deal with them? What are you proud of /
ashamed of? Which wounds, traumas or feelings did you come in touch with - and what is the
ressource for you carrying this experiences with you? What did you learn about yourself and your
authentic approach to peace(s)?
Apart from verbal sharing, we will experiment with creative methods of integration after intense
personal & inner experiences. We will work with tools to profoundly integrate and eventually
embody your insights, values and visions.

As the 5-rhythms teach us: Never forget the rhythm of celebration – in any project!
Celebration in our context means, becoming aware of your internal & exterior ressources – and gifts
you have received. What do you celebrate from these months / this term? What are you greatful for?
What inspirations & motivations do take with you?
Entering a mindset of gratitude is empowering and enables creative action.
We will celebrate with music, dance – and various arts of expression.

The final chapter of your „hero‘s journey“ – as an individual & as a group – is the challenge of how
to „come back into your daily life at home, and bring back the gifts you‘ve collected“.
What‘s your purpose? What do you go back for? After this shared peace studies summer term -
what is your intention for the time ahead of you? What visions do you dream, and what are your
next steps into this direction?
Establishing an inner „anchor“, that reminds you that – even when living far away from each other
– you are an important part of this network of peace students, around the world.
Who are you connected to when you face your next courageous steps?
Who are your sources of inspiration / support system / mentors?
We will work with meditation & ritual – to support the knowledge of connectedness, even when
you part into all different directions.

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