Faculty & Board

Director and Management

Wolfgang Dietrich

Wolfgang Dietrich
Academic Director,
UNESCO Chairholder

Franz Jenewein

Franz Jenewein
Managing Director,
State's Representative

Josefina Echavarría

Josefina Echavarría

Norbert Koppensteiner

Norbert Koppensteiner   
Program Coordinator

Sabrina Stein

Sabrina Stein
MA Program Assistant

The Academic Director

The current Academic Director of the MA Program in Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation is UNESCO Chairholder Prof. DDr. Wolfgang Dietrich.

The responsibilities of the Academic Director are defined by

  •  the authorization of the Rector of the University of Innsbruck (March 1st 2013 in the current version);
  •  §1 (4) of the Satzungsteil Studienrechtliche Bestimmungen der Universität Innsbruck;
  • the Universitätsgesetz 2002
  • and the MA Program's Curriculum 2012.

Those responsibilities include:

  • according to §1 (4) of the Satzungsteil Studienrechtliche Bestimmungen:
    • assigning examination dates and application deadlines;
    • enlisting qualified examiners and boards of examiners;
    • disposing of petitions within the frame of the application process;
    • enlisting qualified personal for the supervision and assessment of master theses;
    • interdicting topics or supervisors;
    • submitting theses to assessors;
    • defining the form of scientific works to be submitted;
    • accepting absence and withdrawal from exams due to important reasons
    • approving block courses
  •  further:
  •  conferring the academic degree Master of Arts in Peace Studies on graduates of the MA Program;
  •  recognising positively evaluated exams;
  •  issuing certificates on the completion of studies and of diploma supplements;
  •  keeping evaluation material, which is not handed out to the students;
  •  approving exam taking for the study at a different program than the University of Innsbruck’s MA Program for Peace Studies;
  •  deciding about the nostrification of credits from a foreign study as completion of the MA in Peace Studies.
  •  repealing the academic degree MA in Peace Studies;
  •  approving the request for the exclusion from use of scientific and artistic works delivered to the University Library for a maximum duration of five years after delivery;
  •  annulling the evaluation of exams and master theses;
  •  revoking negatively evaluated exams due to grave faults in their execution;
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