Curriculum - Structure of the Terms


Each teaching term is divided into five modular periods. The First Modular Period consists of an online introductory seminar for all students which will be realized before the presence period of each term. The first modular period is accredited with 5 ECTS points within the European Credit Transfer System.

The Second Modular Period of any term is reserved for a two weeks lecture-tutorial (6 ECTS). The topics of this course will alternate each term between either an introduction to peace studies and conflict transformation or an introduction to development and security studies. All students attend this module. It is held as lecture of three hours in the morning plus a daily three-hours tutorial in the afternoon.

The Third Modular Period is an excursion-tutorial consisting of courses, field training and excursions on questions of negative peace and direct violence (7 ECTS). Those courses are taught “24 hours per day” during two weeks. These courses include the most demanding field training units.

The Fourth Modular Period offers seminars of each 6 ECTS worth of credit on questions of positive peace and structural violence within two weeks. The students choose one of the seminars offered.

The Fifth Modular Period offers separate workshops, of which students may choose (6 ECTS). These courses again are taught during two weeks and deal with questions regarding cultures of peaces.

Students following an occupation are considered through offering the courses in a compressed manner and by following an open system of components that makes it possible to recognize individual components even if they are not completed in immediate sequence.