Admission, Application, Costs & Scholarships

Admission, Application, Costs & Scholarships


Students admitted to the MA program must hold a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent. Since Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation is a transdisciplinary field of study, there are no restrictions as to the subject area of one's degree. Students are required to provide an application essay, stating the basis of their interest in Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation, and how this relates to their career objectives.

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Priority in selection is given to students with relevant professional experience and high grades in previous education. Students, whose native language is not English must provide official English language test scores (TOEFL or IELTS). This requirement may, under certain circumstances be waived for students who are non-native English speakers but have completed their third-level education in English.

All students admitted for a term participate in the preparatory online seminar of the First Modular Period. Students who do not fulfill the academic requirements of the First Modular Period will not be admitted to continue into the presence phase (Modular Period II-V).

Students accepted into the Masters Degree program will be given registration and provisional acceptance into following terms. Students whose work is insufficient for graduate level work will not continue past the first term.

Applications for Summer Terms can be handed in until the last Friday in March of the respective year (i.e. the deadline of application for the Summer Term 2021 is March 26, 2021).
However, applicants who wish to be considered for a scholarship should send the appropriate materials by February 12 of the respective year. Those who have not secured a scholarship from the list of sources indicated must pay a non-refundable deposit of 1.200 Euro.

Applications for Winter Terms can be handed in until the first Friday in September of the respective year (i.e. the deadline of application for the Winter Term 2020/21 is September 4, 2020).
However, applicants who wish to be considered for a scholarship should send the appropriate materials by August 10 of the respective year. Those who have not secured a scholarship from the list of sources indicated must pay a non-refundable deposit of 1.200 Euro.


We work with an online application process. You find the link to the online application below the list of needed documents.

Needed Documents: you will need the following information and documents ready to upload for the online application - each in one PDF-document with the given [name]:

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  1. CV (in tabular form) - [filename: LASTNAME_CV]

  2. Copy of your (Bachelor / Master) Diploma Certificate and Transcripts - [filename: LASTNAME_Diploma-Transcript]

    If you are bachelor student, an academic record (Transcript of Records) up until the final semester is needed.

  3. Motivation Letter of 300 words - [filename: LASTNAME_Motivation Letter]

    Please write a Motivation Letter providing your reasons for applying to this MA Program, your main areas of interest in the studies, and how you hope to benefit from the program. This essay should be written in English.

  4.  Two Letters of Recommendation - [filename: LASTNAME_Recommendation01 / LASTNAME_Recommendation02]

    Those recommendations should come from former professors, teachers or employers from your academic or work field, who are familiar with your academic and/or professional abilities. 

  5.  Recent (Passport)-Photograph - [filename: LASTNAME_Photo]

  6.   Copy of your Passport - [filename: LASTNAME_Passport]

  7.  University Registration Form (Meldeblatt) - [filename: LASTNAME_Meldeblatt] 

    On the second page of the Registration Form mark A with a cross. If you have been a student at the Innsbruck University before, please write down your Inscription Number.

  8. Health Certificate from your doctor – [filename: LASTNAME_Health Certificate] 

  9. Governmental Survey of Austria – [filename: LASTNAME_Survey]

  10. If you are not an English native speaker: Language Certificate e.g. TOEFL, IELTS or FIRST - [filename: LASTNAME_Language Certificate]
  11.  If you have: document proving that you have Medical Coverage - [filename: LASTNAME_Medical-Coverage]

    This must include insurance against sickness and accidents and cover the costs of hospitalization and repatriation. Citizens of EU Countries are required the E-111 Application Form. Please upload the document or Medical Care Card needed in your country.  

  12. If you have: proof of Insurance against Loss and Theft - [filename: LASTNAME_Insurance against Loss]  

      The Program is not liable for such occurrences with your private valuables, like lost or theft.

  • Students who are admitted academically will be definitely accepted once the payment of the tuition is proven.


In case of questions please contact:

Ready to apply? Then follow the steps of the Online Application here
Online Application

Costs of Participation

The costs of participation for each of the three teaching terms consist of:

  • Tuition fee: Euro 1.900;
  • Housing during the presence phase: Euro 1.550;
  • Full board during the presence phase (except holidays): Euro 1.550;

The total cost of participation for each of the three teaching terms thus is Euro 5.000.


Students who have finished all three teaching terms and are enrolling for the research term (fourth term) to complete their Master thesis have to pay only inscription and tuition fees. Those fees currently amount to Euro 1.200 per term.

All fees are to be paid in Euros. The program reserves the right to changes in participation costs in between terms.

German citizens who fulfil the eligibility criteria according to the German 'Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz' (Bafög) can apply for a corresponding loan in their home country to meet the studying costs at the MA Program in Innsbruck.



The MA Program for Peace Studies offers different scholarships venues in cooperation with the Afro-Asian Institute Salzburg and the Austrian Exchange Service. Students who are citizens of those institutions' countries of focus can apply for financial aid in order to study at the MA Program in Peace Studies. In order to be considered for such financial aid, please tick the corresponding box on the MA Program's application form.

As scholarship positions are limited, we also recommend researching the database for grants and scholarships for incoming students of the OeAD

For further information on scholarships, please contact




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