Project mandates and conference reports

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Turkmani, R., R. Alluri and S. Hellmüller. 2014. Public Report. Summary based on the proceedings of the War Economy in Syria Conference, held on 13-14 November 2014 in Basel, Switzerland.

Alluri, R.M. 2014. “Conflict Sensitive Business Practices: The Case of Nomades Swiss”, swisspeace Project Report (Bern: swisspeace).

Joras, U., K. Palme, R. Alluri, M. Leicher. 2011.“Tourismus, Frieden und Konflikt: Effekte, Strategien und das privatwirtschaftliche Engagement in der Friedensförderung”, Forschung DSF Nr. 26, Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung. 

Mason, S., A. Müller, A. Schnabel, R. Alluri, and C. Schmid. June 2008, “Linking Environment and Conflict Prevention: The Role of the United Nations”, (Bern: CSS and swisspeace).

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