26. April 2019: "Hiring Practices as (De)Valorization Processes"

Prof.in Emmanuelle Marchal (SciencesPo) - Public Keynote


Datum: FR, 26. April 2019
Uhrzeit: 16 Uhr
Raum: Fakultätssitzungssaal, SoWi, 3. Stock

Wir bitten um Anmeldung unter: qamar.ali@uibk.ac.at

For more than ten years, Emmanuelle Marchal’s research has aimed to elucidate the functioning of the labor market by analyzing recruitment practices. She is interested in the way recruiters and job-seekers coordinate their activities and their expectations about each another.

Centers of interest : channels of recruitment, the matching process, assessment methods, public and private intermediaries (the internet being among them), discrimination in hiring, job postings.

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