Activities & Events

As an interdisciplinary research platform we organize a range of events to promote collaboration among our members and guests and to enrich their research. Our aim is to encourage synergies, international networking, the development of new research ideas and to create new working groups to promote the idea of interdisciplinary work as represented by our platform.

The subpages in this section are currently only available in german.

Meeting December Meeting & Spring Meeting PuB PuB - Peers und Beers
DiskursimSitzwohl Discourse in Sitzwohl Publikationszirkel Publication Circle
Methodenmix Method-Mix PumAPumA - Publizieren mit Aussicht
OpenPlatform Open Platform Vorträge_WS_Aktivitäten Lectures, Seminars & Workshops

US Capitol  Doctoral Programme Political Institutions and Leadership in a Contingent World

This Doctoral Programme, focussing on political institutions and leadership, is associated with our Research Center Spheres of Governance: Institutions and Agency.

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