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Organisations are constitutive for modern societies. In a broad range of the economical, cultural and political life they build focal points for the dynamics of development. They represent the pattern with which working relationships get designed, interests get pursued and social structures get conceived. Furthermore they deliver the foundation for the interexchange of knowledge between individuals and the creation of expertise. Hence on the one hand organizations intervene in the lifeworld-relations of humans and on the other hand influence the societal progress in a crucial manner. The finding that today’s societies are “organizational societies” (Perrow) proves the outstanding relevance of organizations for understanding and designing social correlations.

The Research Programmes of the University of Innsbruck represent the competence fields in research, education and administration and shall emphasize the features on the performance specification. The Research Programme “Organisation Studies” has been established to connect the multifaceted interests to the several facets of organizations of researches from various disciplines.

The Research Programme “Organisation Studies” aims for understanding, explaining and designing organisations as specific social systems, which are embedded in a complex, dynamic and interconnected context. The inclusion of the current state of research offers the basis for the various disciplines to investigate organisations from different, complementary perspectives. Thus, according to the concrete problem it’s possible to derive results in terms of fundamental- and/or application-oriented knowledge concerning the analysis and design of organisational coherences.

Consequently various competence fields concerning certain types of organizations derived from the previous research work. In particular the numerous research projects dealing with public and semi-public service organizations in the areas of education, health-care and culture (e.g. schools, universities, hospitals, museums, theaters, festivals, biennials and other organizations in the area of creative industries) show synergies concerning their content.

Scientists from the disciplines sociology, philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy, educational science, art history, business informatics, management research and business economics participate in the main area. The number of already developed international networks and cooperations is a crucial characteristic of the main area.

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A.o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Piber, who is the spokesman of the Research Programme “Organisation Studies”, can be reached via

The research centre is affiliated with the Department of Organisation and Learning.

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