Further Information

For more information on Open Access publishing and related topics follow the links below:


General Information

Comprehensive information on Open Access is available on the Open Access information platform at https://open-access.net. The programme including presenations of the Open Access Days 2018 that took place at Graz University of Technology from 24 - 26 September is online.


Quality Check

The following services and associations offer support in the search for trusted journals:

Information on Predatory Publishing and how to distinguish a serious from a dubious journal can be found at https://www.uibk.ac.at/ulb/services/predatorypublishing.html


Publisher Policies on Self-archiving 

The database Sherpa/Romeo provides detailed information on the publisher policies regarding self-archiving of previously published articles in journals.

For PhD theses, the TU Berlin has compiled a list of publisher policies of well-known publishers for the re-use of published articles in theses. Additionally, the website of the TU Berlin collects information on whether the theses may be published before the article is officially published in the journal.
We recommend that you check the terms and conditions for any changes directly on the publisher's website. You should also check your publishing contract in case it differs from the standard contract.


Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) for teaching and learning purposes are closely related to Open Access. The "Guideline for the Creation of Open Educational Resources - Information and Practical Exercises for Lecturers in Higher Education" in the German and English version as well as further materials and information on OER are available here.




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