Em.O.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Norbert Wimmer

Curriculum Vitae


1. Family name: WIMMER
2. First name: Norbert
3. Birth: 5 July 1942, Linz
4. Nationality: Austrian
5. Civil status: Married
6. Education: 10/1961 – 02/1966: University of Vienna, Austria, Law Faculty
Award: Full Professorial Rank based on teaching and studies
Research centred on Theory of the National Constitution
  1965 – 1968 University of Linz, assistant professor
  1969 – 1973 University of Innsbruck, assistant professor
  1973 – 1978 University of Innsbruck, associate professor
Thesis: Theory of the National Constitutions of Austria, Germany and Switzerland - a standard and controversial work for 10 years
Prizes: Leopold Kunschak for analysis of Austrian Administration, 1976
Sandoz Prize for Environmental Law, 1972
Theodor Körner Prize for Constitutional Research, 1971
7. Languages:  
Mother tongue
8. Memberships: - Association of German Professors of State Theory (VdDStRL)2
- Association for Administration Science in Austria
- Austrian Lawyers Commission
- European Ombudsman Institute, Cofounder
- Tyrolean Association of Lawyers
9. Present activity: Academic work as law professor 50%, consultancy 30%, author 20%.
10. Years in activity: 25 years activity
11. Key qualifications:
  • Long-time advisor to supranational organisations, NGOs, governments, municipalities, public corporations, private companies, financing institutions, unions and syndicates, political parties, professionals as accountants, lawyers, consultants,… having dealings with diverse management levels and technicians.
  • Deep knowledge and experience of:
    - deregulation and market regulation
    - competition
    - public utilities
    - monopoly
    - subsidies
    - public procurement
    - Trans European Networks (TENs), electricity, natural gas, public transport
  • Hands-on experience of privatisation, deregulation, market regulation
  • Reorganisation of public utilities, managing projects from conception to realisation
  • Conception and drafting of new constitutions and laws
  • Experience of designing and tutoring in educational programs for politicians, local official entrepreneurs, trade unionists; also special skills in training of local trainers
  • Experienced negotiators with high-level politicians, administrators and branch technicians
  • Monitoring and progress evaluation of programs, notably of a cross-disciplinary nature
  • Effective communicator
    - Writing – research texts, popular
    - Speaking – in public, indoor and outdoor, seminars
  • Experience in handling media, radio, TV, … guiding press conferences, briefing correspondents,… also regular broadcaster, being interviewed, commentating
12. Country experience: Germany, Switzerland, UK, Scandinavia, Italy, USA, Thailand, Japan Malaysia, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, North and South Korea, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Former Yugoslavia, Canada
13. Professional Experience

A) Academic Role:
Full professor since 1978 in the Law Faculty at the University of Innsbruck; Dean 1985 -1987; since 1994 Head of the Department of Public and Financial Law and Political Science

B) Legal Praxis:
Judge work:

  1. Constitutional Court of Austria, 1985-92
  2. Constitutional Court of Liechtenstein, 1985-95, when I ceased activity
  3. Observer of the first democratic elections in Rumania and Bulgaria on behalf of the Austrian Parliament

C) Political Role:
Deputy Mayor of Innsbruck, 1992 – 2000, when I quit politics

D) Business Consulting, 1975 – to date (selection)

  • Energy sector:
    • Issuing legal opinions for the Austrian energy sector: e.g. on the atomic power plant of Zwentendorf, the hydroelectric power station of Hainburg; the public energy supply corporation of Lower Austria (Energieversorgung Niederösterreich), the public energy supply corporation of Upper Austria (Oberösterreichische Kraftwerke AG).
    • Reorganising the public energy supply corporations of the city of Salzburg and of the city of Innsbruck into private company structures.
  • Protection of minorities:
    Legal frame questions concerning the rights of minorities in Italy (Government South Tyrol)
  • Public transport (2000):
    Legal framework for the reorganisation of the public transport of the city of Linz
  • Austrian Airports (1997)
    Legal framework for the privatisation of the Austrian airports in Salzburg, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt und Linz
  • Disposal of waste (1989 – 92)
    Legal framework for waste disposal in various branches of industry (Montanwerke Brixlegg, several energy companies)
  • Cross subsidies (1988)
    Legal questions of cross subsidies in local public utilities (Salzburg AG)

E) International Role:

  • Zagreb, Croatia (2006/07)
    Draft of the Law on General Administrative Procedure
  • Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (2005)
    Senior expert for the Training and Capacity Building of Local Self Government
  • Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (September 2003 – April 2004)
    Technical Assistance to Draft Trade Laws
    Key expert for legislation implementation
  • Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (April 2003 – September 2003)
    Strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
    International Expert for Waste Management legislation
  • Sofia, Bulgaria (June 2002)
    Senior expert in the PHARE program
    - Establishment of the Institute of Public Administration and European Integration
    - Training of Bulgarian central government officials
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia (August 2001 to date)
    Advisor to the Sultan and the Governor
    - Regional development, notably tourism
    - Promotion of SMEs, handicrafts, glassware, costume jewellery
  • Beirut, Lebanon (May 2001)
    Lebanese Electricity Authority (MEDA)
    - opening market for electricity untilities
    - harmonisation with EU regulations and practical implementation
  • Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (February 1999 – October 2002), PHARE)
    -Restructuring existing monopoly units to be fit for an open market and competition
    - Leading intensive workshops for officials from central and local governments
  • Vilnius, Lithuania (December 1998 – October 2000, PHARE)
    Harmonisation and adoption of new energy law, enabling closure of the Ignalina nuclear power plant
    - Drafted three laws on electricity, natural gas and heating
    - Lectured to politicians at the Parliament and Government headquartes
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