About the Department

History of the Department

The University of Innsbruck Department of Music was founded in the winter semester of 1925/1926 when the study and teaching materials library for music was transformed into an academic department with teaching and research positions. Following the creation of the Department of Music at the University of Vienna in 1898, Innsbruck thus had the first academic faculty of music in an Austrian province. The initial department head was Rudolf von Ficker, who since 1920 had already been organizing and offering music courses under the aegis of the university history department. Later department heads were Wilhelm Fischer (1931–1938), Wilhelm Ehmann (1940–1945), again Wilhelm Fischer (1948–1957), Hans von Zingerle (1957–1970), Walter Salmen (1973–1992), Tilman Seebaß (1993–2007), Monika Fink (2008–2013), and since March 2013 Federico Celestini. Research and teaching during the first decades were preferentially based on methods and principles developed by Guido Adler.

During the national socialist period there was an increased orientation towards the political-ideological leanings of those in power. It was only with the return of Wilhelm Fischer in 1948 that the substantial activities of the pre-war times would be independently resumed. Today the Department is located in the newly renovated rooms of the Canisianum, a Jesuit theological college, with adjacent gardens.