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Richard Tessadri



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Breitenwang/Reutte, Tyrol/Austria

Final exams at Highschool with special education in material science-professions(metallurgy and material testing)

Study of Earth Sciences, University of Innsbruck (Ph.D.)

University Assistant at the Institute of Mineralogy & Petrography, University of Innsbruck (Research Grant Austrian Science Foundation FWF: Polymetamorphism in the Oetztal-Stubai-Complex, Austria)

Lecturer at the Institute of Mineralogy & Petrography (X-Ray Diffraction, X-Ray Fluorescence, Atomic Absorption/Emission Spectroscopy)

University Assistant at the Institute of Mineralogy & Petrography
Analytical work for various industries (i.e. industrial applications for trace element chemistry in biochemical products, paper industry, grinding tool industries etc.)
Management of the X-ray Laboratory and Atomic Spectroscopy Laboratory

Working fields

  • method applications for earth- and material sciences
  • X-ray analysis (diffraction, fluorescence), atomic spectroscopy (AAS, ICP-OES), electron microprobe analysis, standard reference materials
  • high-temperature X-ray diffraction (phase changes, Rietveld analysis, residual stress analysis, crystallite sizes etc.) on hardmetal coatings

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