Thomas Angerer

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Academic education and career

  • 10/1994–08/2001
    Diploma of Geology and Palaeontology at Goethe-University of Frankfurt and Technical University of Darmstadt

    Structural geology major, hydrogeology and engineering geology minor

  • 04/2002–05/2007
    Doctorate (Phd) at University of Heidelberg

    Research project in alteration mineralogy, geochemistry and structural geology: "Fossil palaeoweathering profiles and their relation to deformation at basement-cover-interfaces"

  • 05/2008–01/2014
    Research Fellow and Research Assistant Professor at the University of Western Australia, Perth

    Project chief investigator in three research projects (one and two years)
    Deputy leader iron ore research group (from 09/2011):
    Generation of industry funded projects, stakeholder interaction, developing of group’s re­search strate­gies, concept and leading of workshops, team member training, teaching

  • 02/2014–05/2015
    Scientific consultant (freelancing) for international industry partners

    Research projects applying mineral systems analyses, scientific-technical document translation – German/English

Research Interests

As the "new" Economic Geologist at the University of Innsbruck I am aiming for the continuation of the department’s grand tradition of mineral deposit studies by developing an internationally active research programme. During my previous postdoctoral appointments at the Centre for Exploration Targeting (University of Western Australia) I have applied my undergrad and postgrad structural geology and alteration geochemistry background to magmatic, hydrothermal and supergene ore deposit and mineral system studies. I am interested in the genesis of banded iron formation hosted iron ore deposit systems, such as the Paleoproterozoic Hamersley Province (AUS) and the Neoproterozoic Urucum district (BRA). I am also interested in the Carboniferous Au-Cu-system in the Andes studying their metal fertility by means of geochronology, geochemistry, and Hf-O isotope systems. Being here in the middle of the Alps, my research will also be revolving around the fascinating alpine mineral deposits, which, when studied by modern microanalytical methods, can reveal new insights to the formation and deformation processes of hydrothermal ore systems. Also, alpine mineral system research will strongly support the archaeological projects of the University with establishing proveniences of metallic artefacts.

Mentoring and training

  • Current lectureships at Uni Innsbruck: Mineral Resources (Lagerstättenkunde und Rohstoffe) for BSc, Applied Mineralogy (Mineralische Roh- und Werkstoffe) for MSc

  • Past lectureships: Several one-off BSc- and MSc-level lectures at the University of Western Australia, planning and executing of industry and academic short courses and field trips in Germany and Australia

  • Past supervisions: Two MSc and one informal PhD at the University of Western

Grants, Awards, Memberships

  • German Research Council scholarship in the inter­disciplinary research training group "Graduiertenkolleg 237: Fluid-Rock-Interaction" (2001–2005)

  • Adjunct Senior Research Fellowship, University of Western Australia (since 2013)

  • Member of The Geochemical Society, Society for Geology applied to Mineral Deposits, Society of Economic Geologists, Österreichische Mineralogische Gesellschaft