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MinPet 2017
Innsbruck, September 6-9

Mineralogy and Petrology
September 6-9, 2017
Innsbruck, Austria
Biannual Meeting of the Austrian Mineralogical Society


Session 2 programme changed, details see below


The MinPet2017 meeting will be held September 6th to 9th, 2017 at the University of Innsbruck. The scientific programme covers a broad spectrum from basic to applied research in mineralogical and petrological sciences and related disciplines. Topics will be presented as oral or poster contributions. The conference languages are German and English. The scientific programme will be complemented by excursions. The conference is organized by the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography at the University of Innsbruck.


Organizing committee
Angelika MairAngelika.Mair@uibk.ac.at+43-512-507-54601
Volker KahlenbergVolker.Kahlenberg@uibk.ac.at+43-512-507-54603
Hannes KrügerHannes.Krueger@uibk.ac.at+43-512-507-54602
Scientific programme committee
T. Angerer, G. Goldenberg, C. Hejny, B. Joachim, V. Kahlenberg, J. Konzett, B. Krüger, H. Krüger, R. Stalder & P. Tropper

Dates and Deadlines

abstract submission / registration for authorsclosed
field trip registrationclosed
final programmeAugust 4
end of online registration
on-site registration is still possible
August 20

Conference Venue

The conference will take place at the Madonnen-Saal (University of Innsbruck, School of Catholic Theology), Karl-Rahner-Platz 3, 6020 Innsbruck. The historic Old Town, the shopping areas and many museums can be reached comfortably by foot or by public transport.
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The conference venue is located in a central part of Innsbruck, offering the participants a wide range of hotels and guest houses. The website of Innsbruck Tourismus may help to find a suitable accomodation.

Scientific programme

1Crystallography and Applied Mineralogy C. Hejny, V. Kahlenberg, B. Krüger & H. Krüger
key note speaker: Roland Nilica (RHI-Technology Center Leoben)
2Magmatic and Metamorphic Petrology J. Konzett & P. Tropper
key note speaker: Christoph Hauzenberger (University of Graz)
3Experimental Petrology and Mineral Spectroscopy J. Konzett, B. Joachim & R. Stalder
key note speaker: Edgar Dachs (University of Salzburg)
4Ore Geology, Archeometry, Archeometallurgy, Open Session T. Angerer, P. Tropper & G. Goldenberg
key note speaker: Johann Raith (Montan-University of Leoben)

Field trips

1Wednesday, September 6Recent and ancient copper production in the Lower Inn Valley. Montanwerke Brixlegg and pre-historic mining at Brixlegg/Mauken (Gerd Goldenberg & Peter Tropper)
The excursion will lead to the remains of the pre-historic fahlore mining activities near Brixlegg. In a first stop the recent electrolytic copper production at the Montanwerke Brixlegg will be visited.
The excursion is limited to 15 persons.
Excursion fee is €20 (bus transportation)
2 Saturday, September 9 cancelled
Walking on Jurassic ocean floor at the Idalpe (Engadin Window) near Ischgl/Tyrol (Karl Krainer & Peter Tropper)
The excursion will lead to the Idalpe-Ophiolite-Complex (meta-gabbros, pillow-basalts), radiolarites and various sedimentary rocks of the Engadine Window.
The excursion is limited to 16 persons.
Excursion fee is €55 (bus & cable car transportation)

Conference schedule

Wednesday, September 6 to be announced field trip 1: Brixlegg
16:00-17:30 registration
17:30-18:30opening ceremony
18:30-19:30public lecture:
Johann Wolfgang Goethe und die Mineralogie
Prof. em. T. Armbruster (Universität Bern)
19:30 ice-breaker party
Thursday, September 7 08:45-09:30 Keynote, session 1
Periclase an important industrial mineral for refractories
R. Nilica (RHI-AG)
09:30-10:00 coffee break
10:00-12:00 session 1: Crystallography and Applied Mineralogy
10:00 Kaindl, et al.
Microstructure and physical properties of thermally sprayed mullite barrier coatings
10:20 Talla & Wildner
Crystal chemical and IR-spectroscopic investigation of the kieserite-szomolnokite solid solution series with relevance to Mars
10:40 Krüger, B., et al.
A potentially new mineral with a modular structure based on antiperovskite layers
11:00 Stöber, et al.
Temperature driven phase transitions of perovskites with the chemical composition Ca(Fe,Mn,Ti)O3-d
11:20 Kahlenberg, et al.
The system Na2O-CaO-SiO2: 90 years of research, but do we really know everything?
11:40 Wiessner, et al.
Bayesian statistics applied to the Rietveld method
12:00-13:30 lunch break
13:30-16:40 session 2: Magmatic and Metamorphic Petrology
13:30 Schantl, et al.
Two stage metamorphic history of HP-UHT granulites from the Moldanubian Zone (Bohemian Massif) revealed by garnet zoning and mineral inclusions
13:50 Sorger, et al.
Multistage P-T evolution recorded in garnet-bearing migmatites from the Bavarian Unit, Bohemian Massif, Upper Austria
14:15-15:40 poster session
15:40 Tropper, et al.
Geothermobarometry of extreme events: the Köfels Rockslide
16:00 Sami, et al.
Petrogenesis of highly fractionated A-type granites in the North Arabian-Nubian Shield; Egypt: constraints from whole-rock geochemistry and Sr-Nd isotopes
16:20 Bernabè, et al.
The polymetamorphic evolution of the Austroalpine Basement Units (Matsch Nappe, Ötztal Complex) in the Vinschgau/South Tyrol
19:00 conference dinner, Villa Blanka
Friday, September 8 08:45-09:30 Keynote, session 3
Standard entropy and enthalpy values for petrological calculations: results from relaxation calorimetry and from density functional theory
E. Dachs (University of Salzburg)
09:30-10:00 coffee break
10:00-12:00 session 3: Experimental Petrology and Mineral Spectroscopy
10:00 Gamsjäger & Wiessner
Debye-Einstein models for heat capacities of crystalline solids
10:20 Meusburger, et al.
High-pressure compression behaviour of orthorhombic LiScGe2O6
10:40 Mair, et al.
OH-incorporation in synthetic fluorapatite in aqueous fluids at lower crustal conditions
11:00 Stalder, et al.
OH-defects in quartz as monitor for provenance
11:20 Joachim, et al.
The effect of water on the fluorine partitioning behavior between olivine and silicate melt, fluorine concentrations and F/H2O ratios during partial melting in the upper mantle
12:00-13:30 lunch break
13:30-14:15 Keynote, session 4
Strata-bound scheelite deposits revisited - 50 years of Felbertal
J. Raith (Montan-University of Leoben)
14:15-15:40 poster session
15:40-17:40 session 4: Ore Geology, Archeometry, Archeometallurgy, Open Session
15:40 Hakim & Melcher
Magmatic chromian spinel in metabasite from the Latimojong Mountains, Sulawesi, Indonesia
16:00 Raič, et al.
Fluid evolution of the Cu-Ni±PGE-sulfide mineralized bathtub intrusion (Duluth Complex, Minnesota, USA)
16:20 Wallner, et al.
Gold and silver at Rotgülden deposit - where are they hosted?
16:40 Melcher, et al.
New Sc-rich phosphate minerals from the Trutzhofmühle Aplite, NE Bavaria, Germany
17:00 Goldenberg, et al.
Experimental reconstruction of Bronze Age chalcopyrite smelting
17:20 Klammer, et al.
Archeometric investigations on selected Roman domestic pottery of the Villa Grünau, Styria, Austria - a multi technique approach
18:00 closing ceremony


Abstract submission is closed
Participants are invited to submit presentations (oral or poster) in the fields of the scientific programme. It is planned to publish the abstracts in Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Mineralogischen Gesellschaft, volume 163, 2017. Abstracts for oral and poster presentations are limited to one page. Detailed instructions are given in this template.
Please note, that first authors must be registered as participants of the conference by end of the abstract deadline.

Conference fees & Payment

RegistrationConference dinnerfield trip 1
ÖMG member 1406020
Regular 1606020
Student 604020
Accompanying person 606020
Payment has to be done using bank transfer. Details are given during the registration process.


For registration use the MinPet2017 registration website