Non-destructive µXRF analyses with the Bruker M4 Tornado

This microanalytical instrument for the non-destructive quantification of elemental compositions (atomic number > 10) of surfaces is designed to accommodate of many types (rocks, minerals, metals, ceramics, liquids, etc) and dimensions (up to 20 cm and 5 kg) of samples. The Instrument uses a single rhodium target X-ray tube (Rtw Dr. Warrikhoff Röngtentechnik GmbH) with up to 50 kV and 600 µA power and equipped with a Be window MCBM-50-0.6BRh, focuses the beam with polycapillary optics down to a spot size of ~25 µm, and collects emitted x-ray energies with an energy dispersive silicon drift detector (Bruker Nano SDD 530) that allows count rates up to 400.000 cps (for copper) and resolution of <145 eV (for manganese-Ka). Multiple point and line analyses, as well as element mapping of the entire sample via the x-y-z moving stage, are possible (also in a 20 mbar vacuum). Manual or automated (semi-) spectra quantification is standardless, based on fundamental parameters, and element concentrations down to <100ppm are resolved.


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