Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

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Jeol JSM-6010LV
High performance, fast imaging microscope with adjustable high and low vacuum settings (variable pressure), secondary electron imaging and three types of backscattered electron imaging (topography, composition, and shadowed images).
Accelerating voltage from 500V to 20kV.
Maximum specimen size: 125mm diameter (observation), 152mm (loadable); Height: 50mm

The SEM is equipped with:

  • energy dispersive system Quantax (Bruker) for element identification and chemical analysis (semi-quantitative and maps).

    Peltier-cooled Bruker XFlash 410-M silicon drift detector (<133 eV at MnKα)
  • specimen cooling unit MK3 (Deben): temperature controlled specimen holder with a guaranteed temperature range from +50°C to -25°C (at 300Pa chamber pressure).


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