Thermal Expansion Visualizing
A program for the determination of the thermal expansion tensor from diffraction data

T. Langreiter & V. Kahlenberg (2015) TEV – a program for the determination and visualization of the thermal expansion tensor from diffraction data. Crystals, 5, 143-153.

General information

TEV (Thermal Expansion Visualizing) is a user-friendly program for the calculation of the thermal expansion tensor αij from diffraction data. Unit cell parameters determined from temperature dependent data collections can be provided as input. An intuitive graphical user interface enables fitting of the evolution of individual lattice parameters to polynomials up to third order. Alternatively, polynomial representations obtained from other fitting programs or from the literature can be entered. The polynomials and there derivatives are employed for the calculation of the tensor components of αij in the infinitesimal limit following the approach described by Paufler & Weber (1999).

Paufler P. & Weber, T. (1999) On the determination of linear thermal expansion coefficients of triclinic crystals using X-ray diffraction. Eur. J. Mineral. 11, 721-730.


A prerequisite for working with TEV is the installation of the JAVA runtime environment version 7 which can be downloaded from the following link:


  To download TEV version 1.0.2 select the file  (ZIP file, 7 MByte).

  To download gnuplot demo scripts  (ZIP file, 31.86 KByte).

Latest News

02 December 2020

TEV version 1.0.2 release. In case of triclinic symmetry, a bug concerning the calculations of the angles between the principal and the crystallographic axes has been fixed.

03 May 2016

TEV version 1.0.1 release. From version 1.0.1 onwards TEV is able to handle also more “sophisticated” expressions that have been suggested in the literature including Einstein functions, Debye functions, two-term Einstein functions, two-term Debye functions, combinations between Einstein- and Debye functions or combinations between Einstein- and Debye functions with anharmonic contributions. For more details we refer to the updated TEV-manual.

24 March 2014

TEV version 0.9.3 release. Standard uncertainties of the lattice parameters can be optionally used as weights for the fitting of the polynomials.

10 March 2014

TEV version 0.9.2 release. Standard uncertainties of the regression params are displayed now.

05 March 2014

We are pleased to announce the availability of TEV version 0.9


JFreeChart version 1.0.14

JCommon version 1.0.17

JGoodies open source libraries
Forms v1.7.1, Looks v2.5.3,
Binding v2.8.0, Common v1.6.0

JMathPlot, JMathArray, JMathIO


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