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former colleague



Research Areas

  • Molecular Mycology
  • Microbial interactions and communication
  • Mycoparasitism and biocontrol
  • Genetic engineering and gene regulation in fungi
  • Mycorrhiza of orchids
  • Phylogenetics and DNA barcoding
  • Bioremediation


TRICHO-TOR: TOR kinase signaling in the mycoparasite Trichoderma atroviride (FWF)


List pf publications since 2005 ›

Stenøien H.K., Hassel K., Segreto R., Gabriel R., Karlin E.F., Shaw A.J., Flatberg K.I., 2014. High morphological diversity in remote island populations of the peat moss Sphagnum palustre: glacial refugium, adaptive radiation or just plasticity? The bryologist 117: 95-109.

Hassel K., Segreto R., Ekrem T., 2013. Restricted variation in plant barcoding markers limits identification in closely related bryophyte species. Molecular Ecology Resources 13: 1047-1057.

Segreto R., Girlanda M., Cafasso D., Liebel H.T., Rodda M., Ercole E., Cozzolino S., Gebauer G., Perotto S., 2011. Photosynthetic Mediterranean meadow orchids feature partial mycoheterotrophy and specific mycorrhizal associations. American Journal of Botany 98: 1148-1163.

Liebel H.T., Bidardtondo M.I., Preiss K., Segreto R., Stöckel M., Rodda M., Gebauer G., 2010. C and N stable isotope signatures reveal constraints to nutritional modes in orchids from the Mediterranean and Macaronesia. American Journal of Botany 97: 903-912.

Segreto R., Hassel K., Bardal R., Stenøien H.K., 2010. Desiccation tolerance and natural cold acclimation allow cryopreservation of bryophytes without pretreatment or use of cryoprotectants. The Bryologist 113: 760-769.

Girlanda M., Favero-Longo S. E., Lazzari A., Segreto R., Perotto S., Siniscalco C., 2009. Indigenous microfungi and plants reduce soil nonylphenol contamination and stimulate resident microfungal communities. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 82: 359-370.

Girlanda M., Selosse M.A., Cafasso D., Brilli F., Delfine S., Fabbian R., Ghignone S., Pinelli P., Segreto R., Loreto F., Cozzolino S., Perotto S., 2006. Inefficient photosynthesis in the Mediterranean orchid Limodorum abortivum (L.) Swartz is mirrored by specific association to ectomycorrhizal Russulaceae. Molecular Ecology 15, 491–504.

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