Alexander Lichius, Dr. (PhD)Alexander Lichius
University Assistant

Institute of Microbiology
Technikerstr. 25d
A-6020 Innsbruck

Viktor-Franz-Hess Haus, 6th floor, room 06-04

Tel.: +43 (0)512 507 51256
Fax: +43 (0)512 507 2928

Research Areas

  • Molecular Cell Biology of Filamentous Fungi
  • Microbial Interactions and Cell-Cell Communication
  • Mycoparasitism and Biocontrol
  • Fungal Secondary Metabolites and Enzymes
  • (Hemi-)Cellulase Metabolism and Gene Regulation
  • Cell Polarisation and Directional Growth
  • Cell-Cell Fusion (Self and Non-Self Recognition)


  • Coming soon - Sommersemester 2016


Other responsibilities

  • Organisation of the Institute`s Seminar
  • Lab Organisation and Management
  • Supervision of BSc, MSc and PhD students


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Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Lichius, A., F. Bidard, F. Buchholz, S. Le Crom, J. Martin ,W. Schackwitz, T. Austerlitz, I.V. Grigoriev, S.E. Baker, A. Margeot, B. Seiboth and C. P. Kubicek. 2014. Genome sequencing of the Trichoderma reesei QM9136 mutant identifies a truncation of the transcriptional regulator XYR1 as the cause for its cellulase negative phenotype. BMC Genomics 16:326. BMC Genomics.

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Lichius, A., V. Seidl-Seiboth, B. Seiboth and C.P. Kubicek. 2014. Nucleo-cytoplasmic shuttling dynamics of the transcriptional regulators XYR1 and CRE1 under conditions of cellulase and xylanase gene expression in Trichoderma reesei. Molecular Microbiology 94(5):1162-1178. Wiley Online.

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Lichius, A.and Yáñez-Gutiérrez, M.E., N.D. Read and E. Castro-Longoria.. 2012. Comparative live-cell imaging analysis of SPA-2, BUD-6 and BNI-1 in Neurospora crassa revealed novel aspect of filamentous fungal polarisome architecture. PLoSOne 7(1):1-23.

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Read, N.D., A. Lichius, J.-Y. Shoji and A.B. Goryachev. 2009. Self-signalling and self-fusion in filamentous fungi. Current Opinion in Microbiology 12: 608-615. PubMed.


Publications in not Peer-Reviewed Journals

Lichius, A., M.G. Roca and N.D. Read. 2010. How to distinguish conidial anastomosis tubes (CATs) from germ tubes. The Neurospora Protocol Guide. Fungal Genetics Stock Center. FGSC.

Roca, M.G., A. Lichius and N.D. Read. 2010. How to analyze and quantify conidial anastomosis tube (CAT)-mediated cell fusion. The Neurospora Protocol Guide. Fungal Genetics Stock Centre. FGSC.