Alexander Lichius, Dipl.-Biol. Dr. (PhD)Alexander Lichius Profile
former colleague



Key Research Areas

  • Molecular cell biology of filamentous fungi
  • Microbial interactions and cell-cell communication
  • Mycoparasitism and biocontrol
  • Gene regulation of cellulase metabolism
  • Cell polarisation, hyphal morphogenesis and directional hyphal tip growth
  • Cell-Cell Fusion (Self and Non-Self Recognition)


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Other responsibilities

  • Lab organisation and management
  • Supervision of BSc, MSc and PhD students
  • Organisation of the Microbiology Institute Seminar
  • Advisory board member Tenure Track Qualification Committee of UIBK
  • Operator of 


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Atanasova L, Gruber S, Lichius A., Radebner T, Abendstein L, Münsterkötter M, Stralis-Pavese N, Łabaj PP, Kreil DP, Zeilinger S. 2018 The Gpr1-regulated Sur7 family protein Sfp2 is required for hyphal growth and cell wall stability in the mycoparasite Trichoderma atroviride. Scientific Reports. 8(1). Nature


Weichert, M., Lichius, A., Priegnitz, B.E., Brandt, U., Gottschalk, J., Nawrath, T., Groenhagen, U., Read, N.D., Schulz, S. and Fleißner, A. 2016. Accumulation of specific sterol precursors targets a MPK kinase cascade mediating cell-cell recognition and fusion. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. 113(42):11877-11882. PNAS


Lichius, A., F. Bidard, F. Buchholz, S. Le Crom, J. Martin ,W. Schackwitz, T. Austerlitz, I.V. Grigoriev, S.E. Baker, A. Margeot, B. Seiboth and C. P. Kubicek. 2015. Genome sequencing of the Trichoderma reesei QM9136 mutant identifies a truncation of the transcriptional regulator XYR1 as the cause for its cellulase negative phenotype. BMC Genomics 16:326. BMC Genomics


Lichius, A. ‡,*, A. Gorjachev, M.D. Fricker, B. Obara, E. Castro-Longoria and N.D. Read*. 2014. CDC-42 and RAC-1 regulate opposite chemotropism in Neurospora crassa. Journal of Cell Science 127:1953-1965. JCS

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