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CoMA (Comparative Microbiome Analysis) is a pipeline for amplicon sequencing data analysis with input files in fastq format. The pipeline represents a series of steps from the processing of the supplied data to the computation of results.


Unterrichtsmaterialien - An dieser Stelle bieten wir Arbeitsblätter und Experimente  rund um das Thema Mikrobiologie für die Schule an.


Mycological Collection

Mycological collection: a database provides information about more than 500 types of Cortinarius species and 100 types of other Agaricales species. The majority of types refer to new species described by M.M. Moser, but also type collections from Italian mycologists (F. Bellù, M. Contu, M. Sarnari and G. Simonini) as well as type material from E. Horak and J.B. Cleland (Australia) are deposited in the fungarium.

Mycology Tyrol

Mycology Tyrol is a interactive information and communication platform based around our local mycology research community in Tyrol.



Forschungszentrum für Umweltforschung und Biotechnologie

BIPESCO - Biological Pest Control

MikrobAlpina: Ein Science Center in Planung


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