Molecular Mycology and Mycoparasitism

Head: Susanne Zeilinger; Alexander Lichius, Ulrike Schreiner, Lea Atanasova, Rossana Segreto, Verena Speckbacher, Dubraska Coromoto Moreno Ruiz, Daniel Flatschacher, Julia Embacher

Our research focuses on microbial interactions with a special emphasis on fungal mycoparasites. We investigate molecular details of gene regulation of the interaction partners and signal transduction and recognition processes involved in microbial communication. We further investigate fungal secondary metabolite production triggered by biotic and abiotic signals in efficient mycoparasitic biocontrol agents such as Trichoderma atroviride.


Latest Projects

  From organismic to biomolecular interactions: Visualizing signaling complexes in the fungal Membrane
  Chemotropism in the fungus-fungus interaction
  Trichoderma atroviride and its secondary metabolites
  T. tip – Understanding mycoparasitic attack on the single cell level
  Chitosan Metabolism: Sabine Gruber, Lisa Kappel

Links & Articles

  "Mikrobiologie: Die Welt der Schimmelpilze" - Video (15.01.2019)

  "Gesprächige Pilze" - october issue of "wissenswert" (article, 25.10.2017)

  Mycology Tyrol - Information and Communication Platform (link)

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