Publications of the Institute of Microbiology 2000

Publications 2000

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Abendstein, D.; Pernfuss, B.; Strasser, H. (2000): Evaluation of Beauveria-Brongniartii and its Metabolite Oosporein Regarding Phytotoxicity on Seed Potatoes.
    In: Biocontrol Science and Technology 10, p. 789.

  • Erlebach, C.E.; Illmer, P.; Schinner, F. (2000): Changes of Cell-Size Distribution During the Batch Culture of Arthrobacter Strain Pi/1-95.
    In: Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek International Journal of General and Molecular Microbiology 77, p. 329.

  • Hublik, G.; Sschinner, F. (2000): Characterization and Immobilization of the Laccase from Pleurotus-Ostreatus and Its Use for the Continuous Elimination of Phenolic Pollutants.
    In: Enzyme and Microbial Technology 27, p. 330.

  • Lulu, B.; Insam, H. (2000): Medium-Term Effects of a Single Application of Mustard Residues on Soil Microbiota and C Content of Vertisols.
    In: Biology and Fertility of Soils 31, p. 108.

  • Margesin, R. (2000): Potential of Cold-Adapted Microorganisms for Bioremediation of Oil-Polluted Alpine Soils.
    In: International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 46, p. 3.

  • Margesin, R.; Schinner, F. (2000): Toxicity and Biodegradability of A Soil Conditioner.
    In: Die Bodenkultur. Austrian journal of agricultural research 51, p. 217.

  • Margesin, R.; Walder, G.; Schinner, F. (2000): The Impact of Hydrocarbon Remediation (Diesel Oil and Polycyclic Aromatic-Hydrocarbons) on Enzyme-Activities and Microbial Properties of Soil.
    In: Acta Biotechnologica 20, p. 313.

  • Margesin, R.; Zimmerbauer, A.; Schinner, F. (2000): Monitoring of Bioremediation by Soil Biological-Activities.
    In: Chemosphere 40, p. 339.

  • Moser, M.M.; Ammirati, J.F. (2000): Studies in North-American Cortinarii Vi - New and Interesting Taxa in Subgenus Phlegmacium From the Pacific States of North-America.
    In: Mycotaxon 74, p. 1.

  • Peintner, U.; Geiger, J.; Pöder, R. (2000): The Mycobiota of Speck, a Traditional Tyrolean Smoked and Cured Ham.
    In: Journal of Food Protection 63, p. 1399.

  • Peintner, U.; Pöder, R. (2000): Ethnomycological Remarks on the Icemans Fungi.
    In: Man in the Ice 4, p. 143.

  • Strasser, H.; Abendstein, D.; Stuppner, H.; Butt, T.M. (2000): Monitoring the Distribution of Secondary Metabolites Produced by the Entomogenous Fungus Beauveria-Brongniartii with Particular Reference to Oosporein.
    In: Mycological Research - the International Journal of Fungal Biology 104, p. 1227.

Journal Article (Review)
  • Strasser, H.; Vey, A.; Butt, T.M. (2000): Are There any Risks in Using Entomopathogenic Fungi for Pest-Control, with Particular Reference to the Bioactive Metabolites of Metarhizium, Tolypocladium and Beauveria Species.
    In: Biocontrol Science and Technology 10, p. 717.

Journal Article (Proceedings Paper)
  • De Hoog, G.S.; Queiroztelles, F.; Haase, G.; Fernandezzeppenfeldt, G.; Angelis, D.A.; Vandenende, A.H.G.G.; Matos, T.; Peltrochellacsahuanga, H.; Pizziranikleiner, A.A.; Rainer, J.; Richardyegres, N.; Vicente, V.; Yegres, F. (2000): Black Fungi - Clinical and Pathogenic Approaches.
    In: Medical Mycology 38, p. 243.

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