Mission statement

Our mission is to contribute to the understanding of the functioning of a wide range of habitats, from the alpine cryosphere to tropical soils, from groundwater to wastewater, but also composts and anaerobic slurries. Much of our work is embedded in the University’s research center Environmental Research and Biotechnology. Top-notch basic and applied research and research-driven teaching of Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. students is the mission of our institute.

History and Now

The Institute of Microbiology was founded in 1972, the first in its field in Austria. Under the head of M. Moser, the research emphasis was mycology and soil microbiology, research topics that were also followed by the subsequent Profs. K. Haselwandter and F. Schinner who retired in 2010 and 2011, respectively. At present, the institute counts around 25 permanent and more than 20 project staff members. The three major research foci are Soil Microbiology, Mycology, and Microbial Resource Management.

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