Cooperation with Radio FREIRAD 

For several years, there has been a successful cooperation with Radio FREIRAD as part of the elective package "Media Practice". The master's students create a one to two hour radio program on a current political or social topic in the lecture with exercise. They combine theoretical with practical elements and also contribute to science communication by broadcasting on this independent media platform. Read more about this in the atlas of "good teaching" from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research: 


Freedom in change from 23.05.2022: 

What does "freedom" mean? from 20.05.2022: 

"NextGenerationEU" from Jan. 27, 2022: 

"Education & Culture on the Siding?" of 06/25/2021: 

Elective package "Media Practice": students create radio show on the topic "Protests - What brings us to the barricades" from Jan. 21, 2021: 

Brave New Living Worlds from May 28, 2020: 

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