Digitaltechnik und Halbleiterschaltungsentwurf

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A switching function can be defined by listing all possible input values. The output value is specified for each n-tuple \(\{0,1\}^n\). As an example, switching functions with inputs are used.
By clicking on individual fields in the diagram as well as in the truth table individual outputs can be changed.

Depending on the application, it is possible that the result does not play a role or is not defined for certain input combinations. These are referred to as dont't care arguments and are marked with X.
In the Karnaugh-Veitch symmetry diagram, exactly one field is assigned to each function value. The position of the field depends on the input variables. Rows or colums, which are entitled as xi are those areas in which the input of xi is true (1). The fields are with the output values of the switching function.

For this switching function ones are predominant. Therefore, you have to look for prime implicants of zero. This means that one has to find as large blocks as possible which only contain zeros and X.

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