Digital technology and semiconductor circuit design

Analog-to-digital- und digital-to-analog converters WebApp

Interactive visualization of analog-to-digital conversion. The following is an ADC with adjustable sampling rate and bit number. The control range is between \(U_\text{min} = -1\,\text{V}\) bis \(U_\text{max} = 1\,\text{V}\). A sinusoidal signal is applied to the input whose frequency and amplitude is adjustable. Since the low-pass filter is not connected to the AD converter, the Nyquist-Theorem does not have to be fulfilled and the occurrence of aliasing effects is possible.

The analog input signal is time- und value-continous.

The sample-and-hold element samples the analog signal \(f_\text{sample}\). The sampled signal is value-continous und time-discrete.

The value-continous and sampled signal is mapped to a finite number (\(2^n\)) of digital values which results in a quantization error. The resulting signal is value- and time-discrete.

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