Open Theses

Type of theses
Integration of a Receiver Circuit for Medical Implants into an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Master Jan Edelmann
Hardware construction of a low-power transmitter circuit for medical implants Master Jan Edelmann
Implementation of the RAMON encryption on an UHF RFID reader  Bachelor Manuel Ferdik
Development and implementation of a 3D printed measurement setup for analyzing the radar equation
Manuel Ferdik
  Integration of an encryption method on an UHF RFID transponder Master or Bachelor
Manuel Ferdik
Implementation of the communication protocol including RAMON encryption on an UHF RFID reader  Master
Manuel Ferdik
Increasing the spectral efficiency in UHF RFID systems by means of pulse shaping  Master Manuel Ferdik
Design and construction of a temperature-dependent oscillator circuit for medical implants  Master or Bachelor
Viktoria Kalpen
Analytical observation, simulation and measurement of magentic induction Master Viktoria Kalpen
Simulation of the magnetic fields of an MRI and their induction in a measuring sensor Master Viktoria Kalpen
A temperature increase simulation of a medical Electrode in magnetic fields Master Viktoria Kalpen
Integrated circuit design for implementing a passive wireless sensor node  Master or Bachelor
Georg Saxl
WebApp programming of multimedia lecture content Bachelor Georg Saxl
Design and construction of a power amplifier Master Christos Konstantopoulos
Software for EMC-measurements Bachelor Michael Renzler
Digital PID for quantum computer experiments Bachelor Michael Renzler
Quantum compatible current driver for the generation of precise magnetic fields Master Michael Renzler
Wireless energy and data transmission for current / voltage measurement of fuel cells Master Michael Renzler
Characterization of leakage waveguides for RFID radio systems Bachelor Dominik Mair

Running Theses

Type of thesis
Dominik Matt Master
Multistandard RFID Tag Demoboard
Fabian Eichin Master
Audio transmission of medical data and evaluation of data via an app
Rade Stojakovic Master
Low power receiver circuit for medical implants
Maximilian Lell Master
Development of a gesture control system for the Aouda Spacesuit Simulator
Philipp Ostheimer
Evaluation of various indirect temperature measurement methods in a medical implant
Manuel Reinalter Bachelor Development of a method for transferring data from an implant to an external component
Erwin Jesacher Bachelor Descrete implementation of a battery- and wireless actuatornode for Internet of Things application
Christoph Jäger Bachelor Analysis of the applicability of a Van-Atta-Reflector-Array for passive UHF RFID transponder

Completed Theses

Type of thesis
2017 Dominik Mair Master Field simulations of inductive communication interfaces for medical implants
2017 Christof Happ Master UHF RFID receiver circuit chip design
2017 Martin Krenn Master VHDL implementation and analysis of the RAMON encryption method for RFID systems
2017 Florian Prieth Bachelor Construction of a 3D-printable robot arm
2017 Markus Hesche Bachelor Implementation of an NI-PXI based Ultra High Frequency RFID Reader
2017 Gilbert Prokop Bachelor Communication platform for medical implants via bone sound
2017 Christian Bauer Bachelor Hardware construction of a Low power transmitter circuit for medical implants
2017 Philipp Heute Bachelor Evaluation of various indirect temperature measurement methods in the medical implant

Type of thesis
2016 Manuel Hechenblaickner Master Ultra low power oscillator for use as a subcarrier generator in a UHF RFID chip
2016 Lukas Dür Bachelor Temperature measurement via batteryless radio systems
2016 Stefan Hochleitner Bachelor Structure-borne sound sensors
2016 Mario Kafka Bachelor Automated antenna measurement
2016 Florian Recla Bachelor Design and implementation of an RFID temperature sensor
2016 Daniel Rainer Ziesel Bachelor ECG Simulator
2016 Georg Saxl Master Ultra low power random number generator for UHF RFID


Type of thesis
2015 Thomas Eigentler
Finite element modeling of the magnetic retention system of an implantable vestibular prosthesis
2015 Christian Horngacher Master Limiting system for autonomous mobile robots
2015 Lars-Oliver Rack Bachelor Dynamic Light by means of Mechatronics
2015 Martin Krenn Bachelor Digital signal processing of an FMCW radar
2015 Rahel Reinhardt Bachelor Design and construction of a tunnel model to simulate the dynamics of a tunnel
2015 Rade Stojakovic Bachelor RFID Reader Analogue Part - Implementation of a UHF RFID Reader Analog Frontend