EMC/Antenna measurement chamber

- Frequency : DC - 18GHz
- Damping > 100dB
- automated antenna measurement
suitable for 3m measuring distance
- Size: 3,1m x 6m x 2,55m



- Cascace CM300
- Suitable for single Dies, 200mm and 300mm wafers
- Semiautomatic wafer prober
- Thermo-Chuck for measurements from 20 ° C to 200 ° C
- Measurement is possible with sample cards as well as with wafer probes

High-frequency measurement technology

- Several spectrum and signal analyzers up to 26GHz
- Two and four-port network analyzers from Agilent and Rohde & Schwarz, frequency range up to 8.5 GHz
- Signal generators up to 6GHz

Software Defined Radios

- Ten National Instruments PXIe based Vector Signal Transceivers up to 6GHz
- Freely configurable radio platform
- Programmable with Labview
- Emulation of any radio standard possible

Digital Measurement

- Logic-Analyzer and Pattern-Generator
- Mixed-Signal oscilloscopes up to 2GHz Bandwidth

Construction and connection technology

- Rework station to load BGAs and replace defective components
- Microscopes for the inspection of printed circuit boards
- LPKF ProtoMat for the fast production of printed circuit boards


- 150m² laboratory space divided into two rooms
- 14 work places
- Enough network and power outlets at each workstation
- Fully ESD-protected design of tables, cabinets and floor

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