The "Qualifizierungsnetz - Work Enabling Systems and Technologies" (Q-WEST) is a FFG-funded qualification network of research institutes and companies dealing with the topic of Industry 4.0. [mehr]


Crypto Link
CryptoLink is a research project consisting of different universities and FHs around the topic RFIDs. [mehr]

Formula Student
Formula Student

Formula Student is a major project of University students in which an electric racing car is constructed under the name of  "Campus Tirol Motorsport" - CTM. [mehr]


Batteryless communication and sensor platform (BaKoSens)
The technological requirements increase with the raising complexity of various networked  devices, for example in the context of Industry 4.0. [mehr]


Detection of human signatures for the detection of smuggling (DHS-AS)
In the project "Detection of human signatures for the detection of smuggling" (DHS-AS), a portable prototype for the detection of human signatures will be further developed and optimized.





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