Radio communication

Part of our research is based on the wireless transmission of signals by modulated electromagnetic waves in the radio frequency range. The aim of this work is to explore new concepts and procedures for the next generation of wireless technologies and standards. Research in this area focuses in particular on the optimization of energy consumption as well as on transmission speed. In order to circumvent the restricted power supply of wireless technologies we work with energy harvesting.  Energy harvesting means that small amounts of electrical energy are extracted from radio communication or from natural sources, such as the ambient temperature, in order to supply mobile devices with low power. In the course of the project CryptoLink, we are investigating novel battery-powered radio systems. As a radio protocol for our battery-less systems, we are building on millions of tried-and-tested standards. In many cases, this is HF / UHF RFID. Our research extends the technical possibilities as well as the application areas. Application areas of our advanced RFID systems are Predictive Maintenance, the Internet of Things and cyberphysical systems.



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