Research areas


Radio communication
Part of our research is based on the wireless transmission of signals by modulated electromagnetic waves in the radio frequency range. [mehr]


Schwerpunkt_Industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 refers to a concept whose goal is a largely self-organized production based on digitally networked systems. [mehr]

Schwerpunkt_Integrierte Schaltungen

Integrated circuits
All electronic systems are based on integrated circuits. Thus, the integration of circuits can be considered as the foundation for our modern world.  [mehr]

Wireless sensors
We also concentrate on the design of wireless distance and speed radio systems based on radar systems, including the development of the system concept and the design of the individual circuits. [mehr]

Schwerpunkt_Elektronik für medizinische Systeme
Electronics for medical systems
Another research focus is electronics for medical systems which contributes to a quality improvement of modern medicine concepts (e.g. telemedicine). [mehr]

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