Detection of human signatures for the detection of smuggling (DHS-AS)

In the project "Detection of human signatures for the detection of smuggling" (DHS-AS), a portable prototype for the detection of human signatures will be further developed and optimized.  The prototype is based on two different techniques. On the one hand , it traces gases like for example Isoprene, ammonia or acetone which are released via breath, skin or other excretory organs. On the other hand, the prototype can visualize the person-generated heat. At the core of the portable finder prototype is therefore a thermal imaging camera as well as a sensor system consisting of an ion mobility sensor and an electrochemical sensor for the specific detection of aldehydes. The prototype is trained with the help of measurements of human samples and test experiments with test persons and validated in field trials. As the device has a modular design, the integration of additional sensors and communication modules is possible at any time. The project is an interdisciplinary cooperation with partners from industry, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Institute for Respiratory Gas Analysis of the University of Innsbruck.








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