Batteryless communication and sensor platform (BaKoSens)

The technological requirements increase with the raising complexity of various networked  devices, for example in the context of Industry 4.0. Common radio systems are associated with high battery and maintenance costs which is both economically and ecologically ineffective. In the context of the project "Batterielose Kommunikations- und Sensorplattform für Industrie 4.0" (BaKoSens 4.0), part of the Research Studio Austria (RSA) program of the FFG, a solution to the problem of the energy supply of batteryless communication systems is being researched.  The aim of this project is to develop and implement a modular ASIC platform for batteryless wireless sensors. In order to optimize energy consumption and ensure a certain range, Ultra Low-Power circuit concepts are developed and implemented for all components. The individual components of the system should be designed and implemented as modules with defined interfaces (platform idea). As a result, individual components can be exchanged quickly so that their effects on the overall system can be better evaluated. In this way, the variability and flexibility is significantly increased and the system is made  quickly adaptable for different applications. Another advantage of modularity is the usability of individual components in other systems as well.









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