Microelectronics and Implantable Systems


Welcome to the Homepage of the research group of "Microelectronics and Implantable Systems" by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Ußmüller who's chair is endowed by the company MED-EL. 
Microelectronics is the seemingly invisible branch of mechatronics which greatly facilitates and shapes our daily lives. Two of our research areas are radio communication and wireless sensing whereby we deal with brand-new topics such as low power/battery-free radio systems, energy harvesting, radar systems, RFID tags and the Internet of Things. The entire production process will lead to a revolutionary change through the networking of machines. The aim of the Industry 4.0 concept is the digital networking of all objects, persons and companies involved in the value chain.
Furthermore, our work is concerned with the design of integrated circuits forming the basis for any complex electronic systems. We are mainly researching on energy-saving circuit concepts.  
In the form of cooperations and contract research, we pass along our extensive knowledge to our industry partners as an immense competitive advantage can be achieved by the early integration of new systems into the day-to-day business.      
In addition, we are researching new concepts such as telemedicine which are based on innovations such as wearable devices and body area networks (BAN).

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