Research profile

The research focus concerns theoretical, numerical and experimental problems in the field of multibody system dynamics. These multibody systems are, for example, robots, machine tools, hybrid vehicles or aircrafts and constitute a fundamental part of every mechatronic system. To optimize the interaction of mechanical components with the entire mechatronic system, simulation techniques are used that consider the system as a whole. The open-source simulation package HOTINT by Prof. Gerstmayr was developed for this purpose, which enables rapid adaptation to new simulation requirements.

For efficient simulation, in addition to the supercomputers of the university, computers with up to 1TFLOP computing power are available in the working group. A comprehensive measurement technique for recording accelerations and displacements (Keyence; Vicon) and a HBM measurement amplifier are available for experimental investigations. A Stäubli TX2-90L with force-moment flange can be used to prescribe motion within experiments.

In Bachelor and Master theses mechatronic systems are analyzed, simulated and designed. Examples include an active vibration absorber, an autonomous vehicle and an articulated robot.

The latest research is continuously published in journals such as Multibody System Dynamics and Acta Mechanica.

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