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Components Wuerth Elektronik



Würth Elektronik Österreich GmbH has been working extremely successfully with the University of Innsbruck for many years. In addition to annual practical guest lectures and workshops, we support developments in practice at all times - both with components and with the help of technical support - in order to put exciting projects from theory into practice and to help shape the trends of tomorrow. To further expand the support, a so-called α-rack was donated. This is a specially equipped rack, which is equipped with the most diverse components from the various business units of Würth Elektronik eiSos. Examples are passive components, optoelectronic or electromechanical components. The shelf can be found in the laboratory of the power electronics group and is intended to provide students with convenient and uncomplicated access for their developments for internships or theses. Likewise, all employees of the University of Innsbruck should have access to the services of Würth Elektronik and have any components at hand for the individual lectures.

 "We hope for many more years of good cooperation," underlines David Hofer from Würth Elektronik Österreich GmbH.





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