The Professorship for Production Engineering (PfF), part of the Institute of Mechatronics at UIBK, is active since August 2018 and headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Weidner. The professorship is devoted to do research on the open questions of future working places. Our research is carried out in cooperation and support of research, industrial, scientific and political partners, as well as our funding agencies. We do fundamental research, as well as projects for industrial applications. Our research main focus includes, but is not limited to, the research of technical systems that reduce the load on the human body when executing strenuous tasks (support systems/exoskeletons). These devices are meant to be deployed in different application contexts in professional and everyday life, e.g. industrial applications, care of the elderly. In addition to basic and application-ready technologies, e.g. support systems for overhead handling activities, we develop methods and concepts for evaluation of the human-machine interaction.



The interdisciplinary team of scientists at the Professorship for Production Engineering regularly organizes events to present their research, to build and maintain networks, and to connect scientists, industry companies, organizations and political agencies.



We build and maintain numerous cooperation links with industry, associations and organizations as well as scientific institutions.



Our research is regularly published and presented at conferences and journals.

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