PhD Seminar in Mathematics - summer term 2012 - Talks

The seminar is scheduled for Tuesday, 14:15 - 15:00. It takes place in the room B124/1 which is located in the first floor of the Bauingenieurgebäude.

List of talks

26.06.2012 Peter Stadler: Curve shortening
19.06.2012 Alexander Steinicke: Backward stochastic differential equations driven by Lévy noise
12.06.2012 Lukas Einkemmer: Convergence analysis of Strang splitting for Vlasov-type equations
05.06.2012 Georg Spielberger: Structural health monitoring based on ARMA processes
29.05.2012 Robert Eberle: Refined Modeling of Alpine Skiing
22.05.2012 Peter Kandolf: Leja interpolation for matrix functions
15.05.2012 Florian Stampfer: On $\delta(P)$ and  Multilayer Distributions
08.05.2012 Vu Thai Luan: Higher order exponential Rosenbrock methods
24.04.2012 Antti Koskela: Computing the matrix exponentials using Krylov methods
17.04.2012 Tobias Hell: Scattering, SDEs with Jumps and Corner Singularities
27.03.2012 Florian Baumgartner: Itô chaos decomposition - a deterministic tool for random variables
20.03.2012 Stefan Rainer: Meshfree Integrators for Evolution Equations
13.03.2012 Julian Larcher: Operations on Function and Distribution Spaces
06.03.2012 Christian Bargetz: On the Initial Value Problem for Quasihyperbolic PDEs
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