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How to contribute?

Here you can discuss Project Maroon.

  • To make comments you have to log in.
  • You can add a new comment by clicking on the plus (+) sign on the top of the page.
  • Type the title of your comment to the "Subject/headline" field.
  • Add your contribution to the main field.
  • You can write mathematical expressions in a convenient way, i.e., by using LaTeX commands between <math> and </math> (for instance, <math> \mathrm{e}^{tA}u_0 </math> gives etAu0).
  • Please always "sign" your comment by writing ~~~~ (i.e., four times tilde) at the end of your contribution. This will be automatically converted to your user name with time and date.
  • You can preview or save your comment by clicking on the buttons "Show preview" or "Save page", respectively.

Although all participants are allowed to edit the whole page, we kindly ask you not to do it and refrain from clicking on the "Edit" button. Please do follow the above steps.

Remember that due to safety reasons, the server is off-line every day between 4:00 a.m. and 4:20 a.m. in local time (CEST).

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