IWW-Online Registration - step 4 of your application procedure:


Attention - Please, read carefully:


  1. REGISTRATION: Please, be aware that this is the IWW-Registration. After this registration you will be provied with the application link. As you know you have to open a Innsbruck university account and need to upload all requested documents.
    Please, do not wait until the last minute since documents sent after the deadlines will not be accpted.
  2. FOTO:   As we had to work on a new online form due to system problems in the last days, unfortunately it is not possible to send your foto with the online form anymore.
    Therefore we would kindly ask you to send the foto right after you pressed the submit buttion via email to iww@uibk.ac.at by indicating your name.
    Make sure that the foto of you fulfills the international passport standard.
  3. PROGRAMME:   You may chose only a study programe according to the agreement of our institutions. Please, check the programmes in the application PDF we sent you!
  4. HOME INSTITUTION:   If you university does not appear in the pull down menu, please, stop the registration and send an email to iww@uibk.ac.at.
  5. STYLE:   Please, do not write words in full capital letters: OK = Miller / not OK = MILLER
  6. NAME(S):   It is important to write your names exactly and  according to your passport or ID - otherwise the processing of your application will come to delays.
Bachelor students:
  1. If you want to chose the bachelor programme, please, select "International Wirtschaftswissenschaften - UC 150"
  2. It is not possible for students who have chosen the bachelor programme to take modules from any master programme.
  3. As soon as your accpetance letter was issued, it is not possible to change the programme anymore.


Master students:
  1. Master students may register and apply for 1 semester only!
  2. Master students need to be enrolled in a SIMILAR master programme at their home institution and you need to bring a proof of your admission at home at the first day in Innsbruck.
  3. You can only select a master programme according the exchange contract. (check the application PDF we sent to you)
  4. If you do not find a proper master programme, you can switch to the diploma programme "IWW - International Business and Economic Studies", which is on master level in the 3rd and/or 4th year.
  5. If you are enrolled in a master programme at our faculty, you can not take modules from the IWW-programme and the other way round.
  6. As soon as the acceptance letter was issued, it is not possible to change the programme anymore.


As soon as you have done the online registration and have sent your foto, you will receive a confirmation from the IWW-Office within 3 work days.
If this is not the case, we would kindly ask you to send an email to iww@uibk.ac.at

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