APPLICATION for ADMISSION (Erasmus /LLL / Joint Study)

Please fill in the words in the following form:
Louis Miller -> please do not write full words in capital letters: -> No-> LOUIS MILLER

Please DO NOT include the following symbols when entering your registration datas:
ß # ! $ % " ' `´- or other strange signes

!!! Attention !!!:

  • If you want to choose the bachelor programme, please click on "Internationale Wirtschaftswissenschaften"

  • Master students   Only students from universities shown on the master programme page are eligible to choose a master programme - therefore please make sure that you study the master programme page first !!!
  • To apply for master programme -> you need to have a Bachelor diploma, latest before your register at Innsbruck University personally.
  • It is not possible to be registered in bachelor AND master programme or to attend master AND bachelor courses.
  • If you chose a master programme you need to send your academic transcript of records & course description with all other document together!
  • Can i change from master to bachelor programm or from bachelor to master programme?
    As soon as your acceptance letter was issued, it is NOT possible to change the porgramme anymore. Therefore, please , read the prerequisites for the master programme carefully!

      I apply for admission as an EXCHANGE student for the study programme:

Study programme you are enrolled at your home University when you start your study at Innsbruck University:

ECTS credits completed when you start at Innsbruck University:

- if you are from overseas and your institution does not offer ECTS credits - fill in "1"
- if you apply for "Internationale Wirtschaftswissenschaften" fill in credits you reached up to now in your bachelor program.
- if you apply for a "master" program fill in ects credits you reached in your master program at home so far.

Years of study (business/economics) completed before you start your semester(s) in Innsbruck
Personal Datas  
  Please write ALL your FAMILY and FIRST names (exactly how it is written in your passport or ID card) BUT do not use signes like: / #,!,$,%,".', -` - OTHERWISE ist will come to delays processing your documents!
Last (Family) name:
Exactly how it is written in your passport/ID
Lois <-yes
LOIS <-no Capitals - only first letter
#,!,$,%,".', <- no, do not use these signs
First name(s):

→!!! Exactly - all names !!! - how it is written in your passport/ID
Lois <-yes
LOIS <-no Capitals - only the first letter
#,!,$,%,".', <- no, do not use these signs
Date of birth: .. 19
Place of birth:
Sex: W=Female / M = Male
Nationality (from Passport or ID): (in English)
Mother tongue:
Are you EU /EFTA /CH citizen?
Do you need to apply for a VISA?
Please, note that in your country the VISA procedure can take a while!
Home / permanent address
Postal code:
E-mail box:
Phone number: Country code Area code Phone
e.g. +43 5552 63214
Country code-> +43
Area code -> 5552
Telefon no.-> 63214
Phone number in case
of emergency.
p.e. your parents fone no, etc.
This is in case, something happens to you (need to stay in hospital, etc.)
Country code Area code Phone
Medical Issue / Diability / ect.
Medical issue
If YES, please specify below if you have any medical issue / disability and say how it might effect you(r studies):

Have you ever been admitted (registered) to an Austrian university before:if YES your Austrian university registration number is required (next item) !
If YES - Austrian university registration number (Matrikelnummer):
I intend to pursue studies for semester. (WS = Winter semester - End September-Mid February / SS = Summer semester - February-Mid July) - Master students may apply for 1 semester ONLY
Intended beginning:
Higher Secondary School-leaving Certificate: Date of graduation (Month)(Year) - in City & Country
I have been admitted to the intended study programme at the following recognised (Home)University:
Name of your HOME university:
If you do not find your University in the pop up menue, please, stop filling in the form and send an e-mail to:
Date of admission (HOME university):(Month )(Year)

Please fill in a name of a member of your international office / ERASMUS department. If you do not know - call them.

Home coordinator: First name - last name / the person who will sign your nomination

Home coordinator's e-mail:

German Language

Do you speak German?

Did you ever attend a german language course and what level did you reach?
Do you seriously want to attend a University German Language course?
English Language

Do you speak English?

Did you ever attend an english language course and what level did you reach?


These data are required to apply for a special recidence permit. This is a must for every EU citizen who stays longer in Austria than 4 month. (new law - 2006). You will learn more about this in the introduction.

Joint Study students have to fill in their ID datas as these are required for their VISA-INVITATION letter! All the others feel free to fill in the ID and Insurance datas now. It will save time for you in Innsbruck.

Passport/ID: Reisepass = passport / Personalausweis = identity card with which you come to innsbruck!!!!
Passport/ID number:
Office of issue:
valid from - until -
Health insurance If you come from the EU / EFTA / CH, please fill in the EU insurance card number
Insurance number: Insurance number (which is shown on the card you come to innsbruck with !!!!)
Name of insurance:
Please note:  

Make sure that you filled in the words in the correct form:

Please check your writing:
Yes -> Louis
No -> louis miller

Please, DO NOT include the following symbols when entering your registration data: # ß ! $ % " ' `´- or other strange signes.

(It might take a few seconds, please do not click twice)