Application for admission

Erasmus+ /LLL / Joint Study

Information for bachelor students

  • If you want to choose the bachelor program, please click on "Internationale Wirtschaftswissenschaften.
  • Please note that it is not possible to be registered in both a bachelor and a master program or to attend both bachelor and master courses.
  • Once your acceptance letter is issued, it it not possible to change the program anymore.

Information for master students

  • Plase check with the coordinator at your home institution, for which master program you are eligible to apply at the University of Innsbruck.
  • Only students from partner universities are eligibile to chose a master program. You need to be enrolled in a similar master program at your home institution.
  • Please note that it is not possible to be registered in both a bachelor and a master program or to attend both bachelor and master courses.
  • Once your acceptance letter is issued, it it not possible to change the program anymore.
  • You need to upload your academic transcript of records as well as the correspdonding course descriptions with all other documents in a single file.

Completion instructions

We kindly ask you to adhere to the following upper and lower case conventions:

  •   Forename Surname
  •   forename surname

Please do not use special characters such as ß # ! $ % " ' `´.

Application form

Home institution

Please, check if your university is available in the list below. If not, send us an email to Briefly introduce yourself, the name of your university, and your exchange coordinator's name. We will check and inform you as soon as possible whether you are eligibile for an exchange program at the University of Innsbruck.

Application for admission

  • If you are from overseas and your institution does not offer ECTS credits - fill in "0";
  • If you apply for "Internationale Wirtschaftswissenschaften" fill in credits you reached up to now in your bachelor program;
  • If you apply for a "master" program fill in ects credits you reached in your master program at home so far.

Personal data

Please provide all your family and first names, exactly how they are written in your passport or ID card, respectively. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that we are able to process your application in a timely manner.

Home / Permanent address

Format: +xx xxx xxx xxx xxx

Medical and emergency support

Note: Your information will be kept strictly confidential. Your information will help us to assist you with local medical care.

If yes, please indicate how it might affect your studies:

E.g. parents name

E.g. parents phone number, etc. (just in case something happens to you), format as above

University and high school

If yes, please provide the number of your Austrian student ID

I intent to pursue studies for:

Notes: WS = Winter semester (end September - mid February), SS = Summer semester (end February - mid July); Master students can only apply for one semester!

High school

Home university

I have been admitted to the intended study program at the following, recognised partner university:

Please fill in the name of the responsible exchange coordinator at the international office / ERASMUS department of your home university, not a professors name.

Language proficiency


Note: A1 lowest level, C2 highest level.



The following information is required to apply for a special residence permission. This is compulsory for every EU citizen who stays longer than four months in Austria (further information about this will be provided in the introduction week).

Joint study students have to fill in their ID data as these are required for their VISA-invitation letter. All other students are free to choose whether they want to fill in their ID and insurance data as well. However, it will save you some time in Innsbruck.

Please select the document, with which you'll come to Innsbruck!

If you come from the EU / EFTA / CH, please fill in your EU insurance card number. Please make sure that your insurance will be valid during your stay in Innsbruck.

Please upload a pdf or jpg file of a valid passport picture, which fulfills the international passport criteria (please do NOT upload a scan of your passport or the picture therein, or selfies, holiday pictures, etc.).

Privacy policy (EU-DSGVO)

We kindly inform you that we will process and store your data in our internal database on a secure server at the University of Innsbruck. We reserve the right to share some of the information above with employees of your university and the University of Innsbruck in connection with the organization of your exchange studies (e.g. nomination).


  By submitting your data you confirm the correctnes of your inputs, and that you have read and agree to the data protection information above.

The transmission may take a few seconds. Please do not press the button twice.

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